Africa agrees deal for Continental Free Trade Area

It is hoped the deal will boost low levels of manufacturing in Africa
The leaders of 44 African countries have signed a deal to create one of the world's largest free trade blocs.
The agreement was signed at a summit in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.
It is hoped the deal will come into force within six months, and increase prosperity for 1.2 billion Africans Cheap Hermes Belts.
But 10 countries, including Nigeria, have refused to sign the deal, and it will need to be ratified by all the signatories' national parliaments before the bloc becomes a reality.
The African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) would remove barriers to trade, like tariffs and import quotas, allowing the free flow of goods and services between its members.
In theory that should boost commerce, growth and employment.
The story behind Africa's free trade dream
Africa Live: For all the latest news from the continent Cheap Ferragamo Belts
African Union commission head Moussa Faki Mahamat called it a "glorious challenge... which Hermes Belts For Sale calls for the courage to believe, the courage to dare... the courage to achieve".
He then recognised that to succeed the countries will "need to summon the required political will".
An EU for Africa?
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Trade between African countries is relatively low. It accounts for only 10% of all commerce on the continent - compared with 25% in south-east Asia - according to news agency Reuters.
Once the free trade area is established, the ambition is to take further steps that echo the creation of the European Union - like a customs union, a common market, and even a single currency, says Matthew Davies, editor of the BBC's Africa Business Report.
He says many obstacles still have to be overcome.
One is the relatively low level of manufacturing that takes place on a continent where trade often means selling raw materials to the outside world.
Another is getting Africa's largest economy, Nigeria, on board. President Muhammadu Buhari pulled out of the summit, after "certain key stakeholders" - thought to mean trade unions and businesses - complained they had not been consulted Ferragamo Belts Outlets.
The African Union said it hoped those countries with reservations would be persuaded to sign at a later date.  

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Israel admits striking suspected Syrian nuclear reactor

Media captionIsraeli military video footage showing air strike on suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007
Israel has for the first time confirmed that it destroyed a suspected nuclear reactor being built in Syria in 2007.
The military said fighter jets bombed the al-Kibar facility in Deir al-Zour province, 450km (280 miles) north-east of Damascus, as it neared completion.
Syria's government has repeatedly denied that it was building a reactor.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was determined to prevent its enemies from obtaining nuclear weapons.
"The Israeli government, the Israel Defense Forces and the Mossad [intelligence services] prevented Syria from developing nuclear capability. They are worthy of full praise for this," he wrote on Twitter. Ferragamo Belt For Men
"Israel's policy was and remains consistent - to prevent our enemies from arming themselves with nuclear weapons."
In 1981, in a surprise attack, Israeli jets destroyed a nuclear reactor being constructed south-east of Baghdad by the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein.
What has the Israeli military revealed?
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said a "vast intelligence effort" began in late 2004, when Israeli agents obtained information that foreign experts - believed to be North Korean - were helping Syria with a nuclear project.
After the Israeli intelligence community located the building site and predicted that the nuclear reactor would turn operational by the end of 2007, the IDF made plans for an air strike dubbed "Operation Outside the Box".
File handout from US government purportedly showing the reactor under construction 21/03/2018Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
The US published photos in 2008 purportedly showing the reactor under construction
At 22:30 on 5 September 2007, F-16 and F-15 jets took off from two bases in southern Israel and flew towards Deir al-Zour, via the Mediterranean Sea and the Syrian-Turkish border.
The jets returned four hours later, after conducting a strike that totally disabled the reactor and caused irreversible damage, according to the IDF.
The IDF said it was decided not to confirm the strike or publish any Replica Hermes Belts information afterwards "in light of the highly sensitive security situation".
Presentational grey line
From the archive:
Ferragamo Brown Belts For Cheap Sale 035
Israel admits air strike on Syria
Satellite images of alleged Syrian nuclear site
Syria 'had covert nuclear scheme'
Presentational grey line
The Syrian military did not retaliate after the attack. President Bashar al-Assad said only that Israel had "bombed buildings and construction related to the military", which were "not used".
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) concluded in 2011 that the site was "very likely" to have been a nuclear reactor.
Syria had signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) before the strike, which gave it the right to build a reactor to generate electricity. But it was also obliged to notify the IAEA of any plans to construct a nuclear facility.
Map of Syria and Israel
Israel, which is not a signatory to the NPT, is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal - though it has neither confirmed nor denied this.
The IDF also noted that Islamic State (IS) militants fighting in Syria's civil war seized control of Deir al-Zour in 2014.
"One could only imagine how much havoc they could have wreaked with a nuclear Cheap Hermes Belts facility in their hands," it said.
Why is Israel making this public now?
By Tom Bateman, BBC News, Jerusalem
It was never in any real doubt that Israel was behind the strike on the al-Kibar facility in the Syrian desert a decade ago. What matters about today's confirmation is its timing and the vivid way in which the Israeli military has chosen to publicise it.
The message being projected via the black-and-white pictures from the planes' cockpits is this: that Israel would be prepared to put Iranian nuclear facilities in the planes' crosshairs in the future.
Israel accuses Iran of maintaining nuclear ambitions - amounting to an existential threat - and believes its forces are trying to establish themselves permanently over its northern border in Syria - a claim Iran rejects.
The country may hope to add a sharper military edge to American diplomatic pressure on Europe to toughen its stance on the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers - an agreement detested by Israel.
But it is a move that once again raises the stakes in the volatile atmosphere among regional powers engaged in Syria's seven-year long war.
Has Israel conducted strikes in Syria more recently?
Israel has carried out at least 100 clandestine air strikes in Syria since 2011.
Many of the raids are believed to have been aimed at preventing transfers of advanced weapons from Iran to Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, which fought a war with Israel in 2006.
File photo showing Israeli Air Force F-16 takes off from Ramon air base in southern Israel (21 October 2013)Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
Israel has carried out at least 100 clandestine air strikes in Syria Hermes Belts For Sale since the civil war began
Iran and Hezbollah are key allies of President Assad, and their forces have helped turned the tide of the civil war decisively in his favour.
Israeli aircraft are also said to have struck Syrian and Iranian military facilities inside Syria, but officials usually do not confirm such reports.
One exception was in February, when Israel announced that it had attacked eight Syrian and four Iranian targets.
The strikes came after Israel shot down an Iranian drone that had violated its airspace, and an Israeli F-16 crashed in Israel after being hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire during a raid on the drone's launch site.  

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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: Under fire Peru president resigns

President Kuczynski survived a separate impeachment vote in December
Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has quit over a vote-buying scandal Cheap Hermes Belts.
He has denied wrongdoing but said on Wednesday that he did not want to be an obstacle to the country's development.
Party leaders in Congress later agreed to accept President Kuczynski's resignation. He had been facing an impeachment vote on Thursday.
Pressure has been growing after footage emerged of his allies offering opposition politicians financial rewards if they backed him in the vote.
What is the Odebrecht scandal?
Who is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski?

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Mr Kuczynski, 79, survived a separate impeachment vote in December.
His opponents wanted to remove him for allegedly receiving illegal payments from the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht.
But he held onto power by a slim margin and accused the opposition of trying to stage a coup.
In an address to the nation, Mr Kuczynski said the video footage had been edited to incriminate him.
"The opposition has tried to paint me as a corrupt person and they have managed to influence a group of reasonable and honest workers around me, getting them unfairly involved in this plot to destroy the government," he said.
"I categorically reject these unsubstantiated claims and reaffirm my commitment to an honest, moral and fair Peru for everyone."
Scandal impacting regional politics Replica Ferragamo Belts
Analysis by Daniel Gallas, BBC South America business correspondent
The scandal involving bribes paid by Brazilian construction companies to politicians has made another high-profile victim in Latin America.
This time it is the president of Peru, who resigned on Wednesday despite claiming his innocence.
Mr Kuczynski had to leave office not so much due to the actual accusations. Similar claims have been made against all major political players in Peru, including the opposition that forced him to step down.
Instead he lost support because of the way he handled the scandal.
In December he pardoned former President Alberto Fujimori from jail in an apparent deal with lawmakers to avoid an impeachment. And now footage has emerged of government jobs being used as bargaining tokens for the same reason Hermes Belts For Sale.
Four years after the beginning of the investigations, Brazil's "Car Wash" scandal is impacting politics in the region.
Next week, Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a front-runner in presidential polls ahead of elections in October, could be sent to jail.
Mr Kuczynski is a former Wall Street banker who studied at the University of Oxford in southern England. He narrowly won power in the 2016 presidential election.
His resignation will be formally voted on in Congress - which is controlled by the opposition - on Thursday Ferragamo Belt For Women.
According to the Peruvian Constitution, first Vice-President Martin Vizcarra will become acting president in his place.


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French ex-president under formal investigation

Mr Sarkozy clinched big trade deals for France with Libya's Gaddafi in 2007 when he was president Ferragamo Belts For Sale
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation over allegations he received campaign funding from late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
He is being investigated for illicit campaign financing, misappropriation of Libyan public funds and passive corruption.
He was released on Wednesday following two days of questioning over the financing of his 2007 campaign.
Mr Sarkozy, 63, has denied wrongdoing.
He says his Libyan accusers are seeking vengeance for his decision to deploy French warplanes during the uprising which overthrew Gaddafi in 2011.
The centre-right politician failed in his bid to return to power in 2012, losing to socialist François Hollande.
In 2013, France opened an investigation into allegations that Mr Sarkozy's campaign had benefited from millions of euros of illicit funds from Gaddafi.
One of Mr Sarkozy's former ministers and a close ally, Brice Hortefeux, was also reportedly questioned by police on Tuesday.
Alexandre Djouhri in London, 22 Feb 18Image copyrightREUTERS Replica Hermes Jewelry
Alexandre Djouhri is in London fighting extradition to France
A former aide, Alexandre Djouhri, is fighting extradition to France after being arrested in London in January on suspicion of money laundering as part of the case.
The Swiss businessman has denied the allegation and says the investigation is politically motivated, according to Reuters news agency.
The claims about funding from Gaddafi came from a French-Lebanese businessman, Ziad Takieddine, and some former Gaddafi regime officials.
Mr Sarkozy was detained in 2014 in a separate investigation into alleged campaign funding abuses - the first time this has happened to a French ex-president.
France's Sarkozy: 'Bling' and legal woes
Sarkozy under investigationFerragamo Brown Belts For Cheap Sale 017
What are the specific allegations in the Libya case?
In November 2016, Ziad Takieddine told the French news website Mediapart that in 2006-2007 he had handed over three suitcases stuffed with 200- and 500-euro notes to Mr Sarkozy and Claude Guéant, who was his chief of staff.
Mr Takieddine alleged that the cash came from Gaddafi and totalled €5m (£4.4m; $6.2m).
Ziad Takieddine, Dec 2016 Ferragamo Belts Outlet
Mr Guéant, who was managing Mr Sarkozy's presidential campaign at the time, told the franceinfo website on Tuesday that he had "never seen a penny of Libyan financing".
He was placed under formal investigation earlier this year over a €500,000 bank transfer in 2008. He has denied wrongdoing and claimed the money came from the sale of two paintings.
French daily Le Monde reported that Bashir Saleh, who ran Libya's sovereign wealth fund at the time, had confirmed that Gaddafi had financed Mr Sarkozy.
Possible charges in this case would be influence peddling, fraud, handling of stolen goods and money laundering.
What about the other Sarkozy investigations?
Criminal proceedings have been launched against Mr Sarkozy in one other case of alleged illicit campaign financing.
It is alleged that he engaged in accounting fraud to overshoot the ceiling for campaign expenditure in 2012, which was €22.5m.
Mr Sarkozy denies he was aware of the overspending.
The affair is known as the Bygmalion scandal. Replica Ferragamo Belts
In connection with his 2007 campaign, Mr Sarkozy was previously cleared over claims that he had used secret funding from L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt and that he had tried to influence investigating magistrates.  

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